Breakfast Banquet at Smart Village Honors SO Egypt’s Athletes

In a wonderful Ramadan Eve at the Smart Village lagoon, SO Egypt held a fabulous breakfast banquet to honor its athletes and their families.

Big Feast

Egyptian Superstar Hussein Fahmy with a Special Olympics Athlete

Four hundred and fifty athletes and their families from all over Egypt gathered amid airs of exceptional emotions of joy to honor SO Egypt’s champions who ended their competitions in the Athens SO Summer Games 2012 with an outstanding harvest of some 44 various medals. Regional President Ayman Abdel Wahab of SOMENA attended the banquet along with high profile figures such as: Minister Hani Mahmoud of Communications, SOI Ambassador actor Hussein Fahmy, Actress Nabila Obaid, Eng. Hatem Dwidar of Vodafone, Eng. Amal Mobadda National Director of SO Egypt and poet Abdul Rahman Yusuf.

Event Program

Nabila Ebeid, Egyptian Megastar, having fun with SO Egypt Athlete

At the conclusion of the banquet, SO shields were handed to the distinguished guests by Regional President Abdel Wahab. Keen to pay tribute to the late Mrs. Magda Moussa, former founder of SO Egypt and Eng. Ismail Othman former chairman of the Egyptian program and Abdel Wahab commended their contribution to upgrading the SO Egypt program. SOMENA’s top official also highlighted the prominent role undertaken by the SO Egypt’s board, chaired by Eng. Khaled Nossair, and its pursuit to steer the program back to its pioneering ranking within the global movement of Special Olympics. Likewise, Abdel Wahab commended Vodafone’s support of the Egyptian program as it is prepares to compete in major sports events such as the first SO Football World Cup Championship, which will be held in Brazil in 2013, and the SO World Winter Games in Korea by early next year.

A Word by SO Egypt's National Director

Eng. Amal Mobadda giving her speech

In her statement, National Director of SO Egypt Eng. Amal Mobadda highlighted the Egyptian program’s keenness to maintain strong ties with various governmental bodies and media channels through the banquet. On another positive note, Mobadda pointed out 2012 as a year loaded with sports events. In this context, she drew attention to SO Egypt’s participation in SOMENA Regional Table Tennis tournament in Beirut during late September and the Africa football qualifiers that will be hosted in Egypt for the first SO World Cup championship 2013 in Rio-Brazil.