Coaching Tennis Quiz

Coaches, this quiz will help you test your knowledge of Special Olympics Tennis.

1) The Special Olympics Tennis Rating System is a systematic method to determine the ___________.

  • Ranking of Special Olympics tennis teams at state competitions
  • Skill level of an athlete
  • Speed and force of athletes’ serves
  • Overall fitness level of an athlete
2) The Special Olympics Tennis Rating system ranks athletes on what skills?

  • Forehand and backhand
  • Movement
  • First serve and second serve
  • Return of serve and volleys
  • All of the above
  • None of the above
3) Regardless of division placement, all Special Olympics tennis athletes compete on a standard-sized tennis court.

  • True
  • False
4) It is recommended that tennis coaches working with Young Athletes incorporate which types of the following practice activities into their practices?

  • Balance and hand-eye coordination
  • Throwing and catching
  • Tracking and movemen
  • Manipulatives
  • All of the above
5) Special Olympics recommends that novice athletes use the __________ grip when learning to play tennis.

Novice Tennis Grip
  • Western
  • Eastern
  • European
  • Continental
6) As a way to prevent athletes from accidentally hitting each other with racquets during practice, coaches should insist that each athlete _________.

Establishing personal space on the tennis court
  • Practice with a foam racquet
  • Practice individually, instead of in a group
  • Establish his or her own personal space and remain in that space at all times
  • Say “swinging!” before every swing
7) To help athletes pay attention to the server and be ready for incoming serves, coaches can encourage athletes to __________.

  • Keep their eyes on the server’s feet
  • Keep their eyes on the ball
  • Try to make eye contact with the server
8) In Special Olympics tennis competitions, the service motion may be underhand or overhand.

  • True
  • False
9) During Special Olympics tennis competitions, scores can only be called in conventional terms (love, 15, 30, 40).

  • True
  • False
10) Coaching is allowed during the 3 minute rest period between the 2nd and 3rd set.

  • True
  • False

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