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сентября 22, 2012

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of Special Olympics, to be remembered with a day of sports and inclusion

Unified basketball game 230X300

A unified partner  playing basketball game with a special school  student

    Shanghai,September 22, 2012 ——Today is the 3rdannual global EKS Day, a worldwide celebration in memory of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of the Special Olympics movement and a leading international advocate for the rights of people with intellectual disabilities. EKS Day is a global call challenging everyone to “Play Unified to Live Unified”because Mrs. Shriver taught us that on the playing field, we forget about our differences and recognize our mutual humanity.  Across the globe, people are demonstrating Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s enduring vision by calling upon athletes, families and friends to come together in a day of inclusive sport and play.

    Hundreds of events have taken place over the weekend all aroundthe world to honor Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Her actions have opened the minds of all people to the gifts and talents of individuals with intellectual disabilities, and have made more people be willing to know Special Olympics in order that they will be devoted to participate in the movement and influence others. Eunice Kennedy Shriver demonstrated an unyielding spirit in action that one can really make a difference to the community and change the world. Her eternal legacy would encourage us to continuously be committed to improve and transform the lives of the 200 million people worldwide with intellectual disabilities.

    In the region of East Asia, nearly 4000 people including athletes, students, volunteers, families as well as corporate sponsors in Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Macau, Korea and 15 Chinese cities have participated at the same timein a variety of activities including young athlete relay, unified sports, athlete leadership program university workshop as well as family activities. The Regional President and Managing Director of Special Olympics East Asia – Ms. Mary Gu Shuhang has also attended the event in Shanghai Pudong Special School with 160ID kids and 50 volunteersto play unified sports on the playground.

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