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This page draws together softball-related information for all of Special Olympics. The coaching materials and other links will help you get a good sense of how this sport contributes to Special Olympics.

Descendant of Baseball

Softball is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams of 10 to 14 players. Every team aims in scoring as many runs possible, against the opponents by striking the ball with a specific bat. It is a direct descendant of baseball although there are some key differences: softballs are larger than baseballs, and the pitches are thrown underhand rather than overhand. The game is played on a smaller diamond than in baseball and despite the game's name, the standard softball is not soft; in fact, it is harder than a baseball.

About This Page

Special Olympics focuses on the individuality of each athlete so that coaches can train and encourage growth in skills and accomplishment. The coaching materials, rules and other resources on this page have been specially prepared for coaches working with people with intellectual disabilities. Coaching Special Olympics athletes calls for the same skills and experience that many coaches are familiar with. The extra information in our coaching guides about working with people with ID is what makes our materials helpful and valuable.


Softball Events

  • محرم 30 - صفر 02
    State Fall Classic
    الجمعة محرم 30 - الأحد صفر 02, 1439

    State Fall Classic

    الجمعة محرم 30 - الأحد صفر 02, 1439

    This is an event for all Areas. Male and female athletes from across the state. Join us October 20-22 at Pelican Park and Robicheaux Center in Carencro, Louisiana as our athletes compete and show their skill in aquatics, horseshoes, and softball competition. Come and cheer on our athletes and witness the power of sports. Sign up today to play, coach, or volunteer for this event.

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    Pelican Park/Robicheaux Center
    Carencro, Louisiana
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