Healthy Hearing

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  • Better Hearing. Better Lives

    Since 1999, Special Olympics has provided free hearing screenings to athletes, like Antonio Machada from Portugal, through Healthy Hearing, one of seven disciplines within the Healthy Athletes program.

  • Healthier from Head to Toe

    When combined, the disciplines of Healthy Athletes (vision, hearing, oral health, healthy lifestyles, general fitness, podiatry, and sports physicals) ensure that Special Olympics athletes have access to a comprehensive health screening and are able to live a healthier lifestyle.

  • One in Four Special Olympics Athletes Fail Hearing Tests

    Hearing loss greatly affects the ability to speak, learn, and interact with others. Before attending a Healthy Hearing event, Alva Stinson from Indiana was shy and had problems understanding people at work. Today, he is much more social.

  • Helping Athletes Hear Their World

    Thanks to a partnership with the Hear the World Foundation, Special Olympics is able to go beyond simply identifying hearing loss and provide follow-up care.  Volunteer hearing professionals fit hearing aids for athletes like 47-years old Kostin Aleksey from Kazakhstan – all free of charge. Since his fitting, Kostin said he can now hear music and more easily talk with his friends.

  • On-Going Care

    By connecting athletes with hearing specialists in their home communities, Healthy Hearing gives the opportunity for on-going care as their new hearing aids need adjusting. Athletes like Ben Tan Too Sheng from Singapore also receive instruction on how to care for their new devices.

  • World-Class Care

    Jesus Colina, a swimmer from Venezuela, is fitted with a customized mold as part of his new hearing aid. Thanks to the hearing professionals in Phonak's worldwide provider network, Special Olympics athletes receive the highest quality of care available.

  • Highest Quality Devices

    Japanese athlete Hiromi Nakada said her new hearing aid gives her crystal clear hearing quality, eliminates background noise, and allows her to use her cell phone to stay in contact with her family and friends.

  • Global Reach

    Several athletes from Pakistan received free hearing aids on the same day. From Asia, to Africa, to South America -- Healthy Hearing is helping Special Olympics athletes across the globe.

  • Words of Thanks

    Victor Ifesinachi from Nigeria received his free hearing aid during the 2011 World Summer Games Athens. Within days, Paul Ayotunde, Victor's teacher, noticed the difference in his student and wrote Healthy Athletes in thanks. "No gold nor silver to send, no box of chocolate to forward, no scent of rose to dispatch — just a word of appreciation: THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you did for my athletes from Nigeria Team."