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Cycling is a fascinating sport that requires good physical condition, balance, endurance and tactics. Special Olympics include time trial and road race events in different distances. Every athlete riding his/ hers bike aims at traveling at the best possible time and arrive at the finish line first.

Cycling Stories and News

October 24, 2014 | North America: Michigan

Athlete Elizabeth Gisse Rolls Through Fall Games

By Lauren O’Leary

Special Olympics Michigan athlete Elizabeth Gisse at the 2014 State Fall Games

Elizabeth Gisse from Area 30 (Midland County) has participated in nearly every sport available during the four years she has been involved with Special Olympics but decided to compete in cycling at the State Fall Games this year.View Story Elizabeth Gisse from Area 30 (Midland County) has participated in nearly every sport available during the four years she has been involved with Special Olympics but decided to compete in cycling at the State Fall Games this year. Since 2010, Elizabeth has competed in soccer, track and field, cycling, skiing and basketball, just to name a few. "I was able to compete in the National Games this past summer and I had the chance to make so many more friends through all the different sports," she said. "I love meeting new people." Elizabeth competed in the 10K and 5K cycling races at Fall Games, which took place at Chrysler Group's Chelsea Proving Grounds. It was her first time ever doing the 10K race. "It was long but it was nice having one of the professional riders cheer you on along the way saying 'you can do this' and 'okay we're going to pass this person,'" she said. "It was really great motivation."

About Lauren O’Leary:Lauren O’Leary is a public relations and marketing intern at Special Olympics Michigan.
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October 14, 2014 | North America: Maryland

Adam Hays, the Cyclist

By Adam Hays

Adam Hays overcomes hurdles on Cyclocross event and in life with determination.

Special Olympics athlete Adam Hays joined his brother's cyclocross team, where his team viewed him as a cyclist, not as someone with a disability. "I now have a new community of friends that see me for who I am, not my label," Adam said.View Story Social interaction is very important. Especially to those with intellectual disabilities. For many years people with intellectual disabilities were treated with little respect and isolated. Then Eunice Kennedy Shriver came along and began Special Olympics and gave athletes a place to shine and feel respected in the community! This is where I met new friends and learned to cycle. I have been a Special Olympics Maryland athlete for 19 years and I ride 1,200 miles a year around my home town. My younger brother, Kevin, races Cyclocross, a crazy sport that involves a lot of all-terrain riding. One night he asked me if I would ever try Cyclocross. I said yes. He asked his coach if I could compete in a race. I not only competed in a race last weekend but was presented with a jersey kit from his team! This made me excited AND accepted because his team viewed me as a cyclist, not as someone with a disability. I now have a new community of friends that see me for who I am, not my label.

About Adam Hays:Work part time as Communication Assistant at Special Olympics Maryland. Athlete for over 19 years. Live in Frederick, MD
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September 24, 2014 | Europe Eurasia: Germany

With the recumbent bike to a bronze medal

By Samuel Asiedu Poku

Waldermar Riel (30) is an athlete of the German delegation during the European Summer Games in Antwerpe 2014. He is restricted in his moving as well as speaking abilities. At the European Games in Antwerpe he already won an outstanding bronze medal in the 1000-meter time trial.View Story Waldermar Riel (30) is an athlete of the German delegation during the European Summer Games in Antwerpe 2014. He is restricted in his moving as well as speaking abilities. At the European Games in Antwerpe he already won an outstanding bronze medal in the 1000-meter time trial. At the 5th of Ocotber 1999 Waldemar Riel (30) moved to Germany. He remembers this date so well as it is one of the most important one in his life. Together with his parents he lives in Kaufbeuren in Bavaria, Germany. “I like this city a lot” Waldemar Riel says. Now and then he spends his vacation at his aunt´s and uncle´s in Kazakhstan. His great-grandparents are from Germany. They have a famous surname: "My great-grandmother´s surname is Merkel" Riel says and smiles. He went to school in Germany and has managed to get a High School degree: “ I used to love mathematics” After his High School graduation he started to do an apprenticeship as a clerical specialists. “During this time I was trained in accounting as well as business writing” he tells us. Due to his infantile cerebral palsy, a early childhood brain damage that causes physical impairments, it was not a given that he is able to finish his apprenticeship. „ Short distances up to one kilometer I can manage without any help” he says. Otherwise he is depending on his wheelchair. As an emigrant and because of his impairment it was not always easy to get accepted in Germany. Through the spastic paralysis also the language center is influenced. “Most of the people react in a normal way“ Waldemar Riel tells us, but he has had bad experiences as well; „A College teacher told him that he does not have time to wait until he has finished his answer.This opinion hurt him a lot. After his education he was looking for a job in the primary labor market for two years. Unfortunately without success. Today he works at the Allgäuer Werkstätten, a facility that employs people with mental disabilities.

About Samuel Asiedu Poku:My name is Samuel Asiedu Poku. I am working in Berlin in the branch office of Special Olympics Germany. During the Special Olympics European Summer Games Antwerp 2014 I have made the public relations for the german delegation.
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Cycling Events




October 25, 2014

Fall Sports Fest

Join us on 10 October 2014 for our annual Fall Sports Festival in Emmitsburg, Maryland as athletes and Unified partners from around the state will compete in various sports competitions. Events will include: Cycling – 500m time trial, 1k time trial, 2k time trial, 5k road race, 10k road race; Flag Football – traditional team competition, Unified team competition, individual skills competition; Long Distance Running – Traditional 800m run/walk, traditional 1500m run/walk, Unified 1500m run/walk, 3k race, 5k race, 10k race; Power Lifting – bench Press, dead Lift, combination (bench Press and dead lift); Tennis – individual skills competition, traditional singles, traditional doubles – level 2 and level 5, Unified doubles competition – level 2 and level 5. For schedule details, please refer to the link below.
For more information
Schedule Details
Mike Czarnowsky
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Mount St. Mary's University
16300 Old Emmitsburg Road

Emmitsburg, Maryland

November 22, 2014

Special Olympics El Tour de Tucson Presented by Casino Del Sol Resort

For the first time ever, Special Olympics will have a team riding in the Special Olymipcs El Tour de Tucson on November 22! In 2014, Special Olympics partnered with Perimeter Bicycling Association of America to be the primary beneficiary of El Tour de Tucson, one of the largest amateur bicycling events in Arizona. Founded in 1983, El Tour started as a 198-person event. Now, more than 30 years later, El Tour attracts around 8,000 riders annually with an estimated 35,000 spectators. Join us for a 104, 75, 55, or 40 mile bike ride benefiting Special Olympics.
For more information
More Details
Kym Jordan
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Tucson, Arizona

Jul 24 - Aug 2 2015

World Summer Games Los Angeles 2015

In July of 2015 more than 7,000 athletes from 170 countries will come to Los Angeles, California for the Special Olympics World Summer Games and enjoy 10 days full of joy, friendship and competition. Athletes will compete in 22 sports. The event expects to attract 500,000 spectators and 30,000 volunteers and 3,000 coaches.
For more information
More Details
World Summer Games Los Angeles 2015
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Various Locations, Los Angeles
Los Angeles , California

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Cycling Competitions

2014 European Summer Games

The Special Olympics European Summer Games featured 10 sports and 58 delegations, making the 2014 Games one of the largest ever. See stories and results

2014 USA Games

The 2014 Special Olympics USA Games ran June 14-21. See results and stories.

2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games

Athens, Greece, was the home of the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games. That year, it was the world’s largest sporting event for athletes with intellectual disabilities. See results by athlete, delegation and bib number.

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