Senior Vice President, Sport and Health

Drew Boshell, Senior Vice President, Sport and Health

In his role as Senior Vice President, Sport and Health, Drew provides oversight and strategic planning for Special Olympics sport and health programming and research initiatives, ensuring high quality and impactful opportunities for Special Olympics athletes globally. Drew joined Special Olympics in 2012 as Senior Director, Global Community Health Programs. In his role, he oversaw the implementation and expansion of the Healthy Communities initiative, reducing disparities in health care access and health status faced by people with intellectual disability. Under his leadership, the successful pilot resulted in the adoption of the model into Special Olympicss' Global Strategic Plan with significant funding secured to scale the model globally to 100 Special Olympics Programs by 2020.

Drew is a planning professional originally from Vancouver, Canada. After completing an internship as a community poverty reduction planner with the Canadian government in Vietnam, Drew worked for several years as Country Director of an international youth development NGO engaging international youth in community development and environmental projects in Mongolia, Namibia and Malaysia. He continued his international work as director of the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital delivering eye care training programs throughout Asia, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and South America delivering high-level surgical training programs for over 3,000 health care professionals and leading advocacy efforts for the prevention and treatment of preventable blindness to heads of state and relevant ministries as part of the World Health Organization’s VISION 2020: Right to Sight global initiative. Drew also founded and serves as board member for an education non-profit called imagine1day which has grown to benefit over 265,000 Ethiopians from 487 communities. During his 22 years working on international education, youth and health projects, Drew has had the opportunity to work, live in or travel to over 100 countries.

Drew received a Biology degree from University of British Colombia and an Honors and Master's Degree in Planning from the University of Queensland. He also has completed an Executive Leadership Program at Emory University. Drew lives in Bethesda with his wife and two girls and in his spare time enjoys scuba diving, sailing, snowboarding and playing volleyball (preferably all unified). He is an avid sports fan and has fond memories of attending the Olympics in Japan, World Cup in Rio and of course the Special Olympics, Summer and Winter World Games.