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ذو الحجة 08, 1433 | North America: Oklahoma

The true Special Olympic spirit alive and well in Edmond, Oklahoma

By Dave Francis, Committee Member

January 14th, 2012, the Oklahoma Winter Games,basketball. A team with less experienced and shorter athletes was paired against a taller better team from Edmond. Halfway through the second half, the team from Edmond, more seasoned had more than doubled the other team's score. With the game in hand, the coach instructed his players to score on offense, but play no defense to allow the other team members to score atleast one basket each. After a few trips down the court, they even passed defensive rebounds back to the shorter kids to try and score. At times they even offered suggestions on shooting. It took almost the entire time left for the last athlete to finally make a basket. When he did arms went up, everyone on both teams cheered and clapped. There wasn't a dry eye in the crowd.

About Dave Francis, Committee Member: I'm honored to be a committee member for Summer and Winter games in Oklahoma.

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