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января 17, 2013 |

Ski Camp Training ahead of World Winter Games

By Suzanne Coogan

Special Olympics Team Ireland on the Slopes!

Special Olympics Athletes and Coaches from Austria, Ireland, Germany, Slovakia, Russia and Romania were delighted to take part in a ski training camp organised by Special Olympics Austria. This Alpine skiing camp was a vital part of the athletes' preparation and training for the Special Olympics World Winter Games in PyeonChang, South Korea starting on January 29th. The weekend provided important training from champion skier Heinz Petanjek and his expert instructors. The athletes and coaches from the 6 programs want to thank Marc Angelini, Josef Sabor and all the staff of Special Olympics Austria and Heinz Petanjek for such a worthwhile and rewarding ski camp

About Suzanne Coogan: Senior Manager, Media and Public Awareness for Special Olympics Europe Eurasia

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