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ربيع الأول 09, 1434 | North America: Canada

Avery, a natural skier

By Nicole Newman

Avery started skiing at about the age of 5. I took him and his younger brother to a local ski hill and we went to the rope tow. Avery's brother waited at the bottom of the rope tow and I took Avery up for his first run. He was a natural! I started skiing down with him and he asked me to 'let him do it'...and do it he did! He started skiing, made a few turns and stopped at the bottom. I turned my back to get his brother going, and Avery grabbed the rope tow and went back up on his own! All day he skied the tow, with me helping his younger brother. Avery did not require any assistance the rest of the day, until we went on the chairlift for the first time, and again, after the first try, he 'had it' and was on independantly skiing and loading the chair! I was amazed at how easily he picked it up...and he continues to amaze us to this day!

About Nicole Newman: Avery's mother

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