February 01, 2013 | North America: Arizona

Through the Eyes of an Austrian Floor ball Champion

By Naman Shah

We are at the place where all cultures, traditions, and passions coincide, The Special Olympics World Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. As a unified partner witnessing the games is only part of the experience. After taking with the Austrian floor ball athlete I was able to connect with the other side of Special Olympics. I interviewed him on some basic questions. In summation, his experience has been wonderful so far and his favorite part was meeting all the different athletes from around the world. Through his eyes what an experience would that be to see people who look different, act different, and speak different but all for the same thing to win! Unfortunately our Austrian friend has never won a floor ball game but that didn't stop him from saying he will win it all in the Winter Olympics Game. In his eyes there was fire! He is not just an athlete from Austria enjoying Kimchi, rather he is a champion showing that he is winning every day of his life.

About Naman Shah : My experience in Special Olympics has been extraordinary. I was introduced to the program in my junior year. I created a program within my school and now help Arizona in their endeavors. As a the director of youth, I plan to keep innovating this great organization.

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