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marzo 07, 2013 | North America: Iowa

CR-B's Anti-Bullying Spread the Word to End the Word Harlem Shake

By Mitchell Klocke

Yesterday, March 6, 2013, was National Spread the Word to End the Word Day. This day is a day devoted to raise awareness and end the use of the ‘R’ word and to put a stop to bullying in schools. The Coon Rapids-Bayard (CR-B) Student Council organized a K-12 “wear blue day”, in an attempt to spread the word to end the word. We took a group picture and then utilized the new dance fad and made our own Harlem Shake video to promote anti-bullying and the negative connotation of the word retard. We wanted to share this good news story from a small school doing our part to spread the word to end the word!!!

About Mitchell Klocke: We are the Coon Rapids-Bayard Student Council. We are from the small town of Coon Rapids. We are constantly trying to find new and fun ideas to promote awareness for anything from Anti-Bullying, to stopping smoking "Kick Butts", Veterans Day, teacher appreciation, and much, much more.

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