April 14, 2013 | North America: South Carolina

Young Woman, Big Dreams

By Merissa Flaherty

This is me, showing my approval of ending the R-word with my "Change the ConveRsation" t-shirt.

I have been a Special Olympics athlete since 2006. Along the way, I've met new people, made new friends, saw new places, and more. I have attended seven local games and two state games, and participated in various sports, such as Meter Racing, Softball Throw, Long Jump, Bocce, Soccer, and Kayaking. I own five blue ribbons, three red ribbons, four gold medals, and four silver medals... all won in each game that I've competed in. I couldn't have succeeded well enough without the help & support of my family, friends, coaches, and fellow team mates. In my opinion, I seem to have been making the most out of what I've done, in less than a decade! Special Olympics is one of my top gateways to a big, successful future. When attending a Special Olympics game, I would always know in my heart, that there would be special surprises in store for me, and magical moments bound to happen. I hope to remain an athlete for more years to come, participate in more sports, and make more new friends.

About Merissa Flaherty: I am a participant in Therapeutic Art Programs, published author & illustrator, artist, writer, photographer, and proud aunt of three beautiful children. I also have a part-time job as a babysitter.

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