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A New Rivalry Begins

On a hot Sunday afternoon Bowie, the Prince George’s Special Olympics Softball team came to play ball against the Bowie Police Department. Although the final score showed who really won, the real story is that all of these athletes came away with something else more meaningful after the game. This crowd was worried, losing 22 to 14, the Special Olympics athletes were looking for a miracle. The first batter grounded out. One down and 9 runs needed to win. Then a glimmer of hope began to form, batter after batter came up and hit into the holes, runners took extra bases and scored runs when they needed them the most. Cardiac Cards meet the Prince George’s Passouts! With the score 22 to 19, two outs and the bases loaded, a guaranteed hit was snagged by the second baseman and in a “controversial” call, the batter was thrown out at second. Oh well, a tough emotional loss. No matter the outcome, many new friendships were made and who knows, this series is destined to continue another time to be determined.

About Me:

I fully support local and state level Special Olympics not only for all the athletes, but for my own daughter, who swims for the Special Olympics team.