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Colin's Gift to His Mom: Inspiration!

Kelli laughs when she thinks about her first contact with Special Olympics, back when she was expecting her first baby. It was a cold February day, when she stood cheering on the beach as a friend jumped into icy waters at a Special Olympics Polar Plunge fund-raiser. “I thought it was a crazy thing to do – but for a great cause.” Her baby, Colin, was born a few months later, and the diagnosis of Down syndrome came as a shock. Kelli says she and her husband had a lot of adjustments to make. She says she got through that tough time thanks to a lot of support, including lots from Special Olympics. “Special Olympics has been a real community – it’s been so good to be among people who understand. It’s also been a real learning experience." Four years later, Colin is growing into a funny and independent kid who loves playing and swimming -- and the Special Olympics Young Athletes program!

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