September 27, 2013 | North America: Wisconsin

Sheboygan Press: Eunice Kennedy Shriver put the 'special' in Special Olympics

By Christy White

In a guest columns, Special Olympics Athlete Martha Hill wrote: This September 28 we will observe the fourth annual Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day to celebrate her incredible contribution to the lives of people just like me. As a young person growing up, I knew I was “different” from other children my age. I had few friends and often felt left out. Even when children with disabilities are “mainstreamed” into schools, that experience ends when we go home. Becoming a part of Special Olympics not only gave me friends to look for outside of school, sports to play and a feeling of belonging, but it also gave me classmates to look for in the hallway or lunchroom. I didn’t feel alone anymore. Many times over the 19 years I’ve been an athlete, I’ve been asked, “When is Special Olympics?” I smile because Special Olympics is not an event, it’s a movement. We are what is happening and somewhere in the world there is always a sports, health, community or educational event going on. Read more of Martha Hill's commentary at the link below.

About Christy White: I am the Special Olympics Director of Global Media and Public Relations

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