October 24, 2013 | North America: Oklahoma

Never Give Up

By Jorden Aldrich

I was born with epilepsy and ADD. It was a struggle for me because I couldn't do anything because I was in the hospital all the time just because of that. I wanted to do Special Olympics because i am around other people that are like me but some are different and i make easier friends that actually have a disability like i do. Even though i can't drive. I have never given up on anything that I am going to accomplish in my life. I try my best in every sport I compete in. I'm just glad I am an athlete of Special Olympics.

About Jorden Aldrich: My name is Jorden. I'm about to be 21 years old. I was in the rotc at union high school. I graduated from union in 2012. I was born on 11/10/1992

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