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февраля 03, 2014 | SOI General: Headquarters

Amid Super Bowl Hype, "A Beautiful Thing"

By Christy White

Team New Jersey Athlete Alexandra Hines and NFL Legend Dave Krieg on Radio Row in New York City

Seattle Seahawks’ legend David Krieg and Special Olympics New Jersey athlete Alexandra Hines met with media before the Super Bowl. Krieg, a former board member of Special Olympics Arizona, was peppered with questions about football, but he kept returning to a topic he valued much more highly: Alexandra and her upcoming volleyball game at the 2014 USA National Games. 

Reporter John Conzano of The Oregonian wrote, "I realized, amid the diamond-studded parade of self promoters and pitching of products, that the former Seahawks quarterback was just talking about what he deeply cared about. Upon further review, it was a beautiful thing."

About Christy White: I am the Director of Global Media and Public Relations for Special Olympics.

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