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февраля 20, 2014 | North America: Florida

National Team Player Teams Up with Special Olympics Softball

By Elicia D'Orazio

Elicia D'Orazio (Puerto Rican national team player) after the scrimmage game with the Special Olympics softball team.

About a month ago my school, Montverde Academy (Montverde, FL) hosted the special olympics training and i was lucky enough to be able to go out and play with the softball team. Going out and playing with such great athletes who overcome many challenges was honestly the greatest moment of my life. They treated me as if I was a member of theire team and welcomed me with open arms, literally. The passion thy had for the sport was absolutely heart touching and amazing. Just being in the field with them was a blessing and I thank you all for giving me that opportunity!

About Elicia D'Orazio: My name is Elicia D'Orazio and I am a 17 year old senior at Montverde Academy. I will be attending Marshall University next year on an athletic scholarship to play fast pitch softball, and I am the youngest player on the womens Puerto Rican Fastpitch National Team.

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