He not only changed my life, he changed me

One year ago I was a junior at Parkway West High School. During my first semester I never really cared about my future or my grades. My life was going down a bad road and it seemed to me their was no stopping it. Until during my second semester I met Shawn McDonald. Shawn has Down syndrome and he is the same age as me. The day he came into my life I finally understood what my purpose was in life. I started trying my best in school and studying and working so hard, now I volunteer every Saturday for the stlARC. Meeting Shawn was like meeting my guardian angel. Now I am a senior and I'm on my second semester of high school and me and Shawn are best friends. Even though he doesn't know what I'm saying to him, I still go to him and spill my heart out. When I am around Shawn and everyone else they give me a feeling that if they can smile then my problems aren't not even that bad. My goal in life is to show the world that kids with special needs aren't monsters. They are all my best friends.