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Living SOfit - Davidson County Athlete Makes Health a Priority

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Every Thursday night, you can find a group of Special Olympics Davidson County athletes working together on an important aspect of being an athlete—their health. Five months ago, Davidson County athlete Brian Goins heard about a new health program, called SOfit, that would help athletes focus on health and wellness. After learning more, he decided he should try to bring the program to his community, believing it would benefit athletes in his local program. “I wanted to help myself and fellow athletes lose weight, become better athletes and learn how to make healthy choices,” explained Goins. SOfit is a health and wellness program that provides athletes with the opportunity to be more active. The program is a Unified experience where athletes work with a coach and Unified Partners, people without an intellectual disability, to not only increase their everyday activity but to learn more about proper nutrition, healthy eating, and active living.

About Me:

I am the Manager of Communications for Special Olympics North Carolina.


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