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Making a Splash for Inclusion in South Africa

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Swimmers stream over the finishing line of the aQuelle Midmar Mile. Photo Credit: Brad Morgan/aQuelle Midmar Mile

Special Olympics South Africa swimmers shone for inclusion once again at this year’s aQuelle Midmar Mile, the world's largest open water swimming event. 

The Midmar Mile takes place in Kwazulu Natal in South Africa, as an all-inclusive event, where people of all ages, creed and abilities are given the chance to compete in the race. 

Due to this ethos, the Midmar Mile has built very strong ties to their local Special Olympics community. For many years, Special Olympics athletes have been given free entry, as well as T-Shirts and a dedicated stand for the athletes at the event. This support extends all the year round, when Midmar Mile organisers have supported in kind with pool venues for national galas. A highlight came in 2011, when Princess Charlene of Monaco swam the Midmar Mile with the athletes and donated €60 000 to Special Olympics South Africa, spring boarding the swimming program for years to come. 

Well done to all the swimmers who took part in this world class event!

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I work in communications for Special Olympics in Africa.