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Special Olympics Row Clinic Says "U Can Row 2"

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In a room full of rowing machines, Special Olympics Michigan athletes and volunteers cheer each other on as they work to complete the 500-meter rowing challenge. In the center of all of the action is Terry Smythe, Co-Owner of 'U Can Row 2' of Houghton, Michigan. Previously a medical fitness director at Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital, her job included community outreach. With this, she noticed that many of the cognitively impaired students were in need of a fitness outlet to help maintain their health. With some luck, Smythe received a local community grant to start a program for students to come to a fitness center and be physically active. Initially, the program didn't include rowing, however that did not stop the students' determination to learn about the machine. Special Olympics Michigan currently does fundraising with CrossFit through an event called the Row Raisers, which Smythe finds extremely valuable for athletes.

About Me:

Symantha Misale is a marketing and communications intern with Special Olympics Michigan.


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