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Unified Cross Channel Swim Brings Together Caribbean Athletes

Athletes from St Kitts & Nevis, Cayman Islands and St Maarten took to the water in teams of four with each athlete swimming 1 kilometer of the 4 kilometer crossing. Athletes teamed up with celebrity swimmers including Karlyn Pipes, FINA Masters world record holder in 4 strokes; Keri-Anne Payne, 3x Olympian and 2x World Champion; David Carry 2x Olympian and 2x gold medalist; and Ashley Whitney, Olympic gold medalist. "The swim continues to offer a race and challenge for all swimming enthusiasts from around the world. We are delighted to welcome athletes from Special Olympics to experience the truly unique cross-channel swim," said Event Organizer Winston Crooke. This marks the 16th year athletes have made the cross-channel swim. Special Olympics athletes included Roger Crawford, Lemmy Hobson, Robert Liddi, Joey Mason, & Ashton Mills from St Kitts & Nevis; Kanza Bodden & Alec Cox from Cayman Islands; and Anna Verloop from St Maarten.

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I'm the Senior Manager, Unified Sports and Sport Education for SONA submitting this story on behalf of Terri Andrews, Sport Director for SOSKN. Contact Terri at terrilandrews@gmail.com for more details on the Nevis to St Kitts Cross-Channel Swim.