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Healthy Athletes Saved My Life

Me, speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative
The Healthy Athletes initiative is what saved my life. I was at a Healthy Athletes event and state summer games in California in 2004. A volunteer screened my teeth and told me I had to go see a dentist in my area. I was blessed to have my coach by my side, Chuck Martucci. He called his personal dentist for me. His dentist found out I had gum cancer in the upper left side of my mouth. And if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here today. If I had been alone, I might not have followed up. These past summer games, I found out I can't hear some frequencies, and I haven't followed up. Healthy Communities will make a big difference because you never know what's wrong. It'll make sure the athletes get the follow-up.

About Me:

I am a Special Olympics Global Messenger