April 21, 2014 | North America: Northern California

How Do You Feel When Someone Uses the R-Word?

By Anna Oleson-Wheeler

Chances are you’ve heard someone use the r-word. Whether it was a just a joke or an intentional insult, it’s never OK to use the word. While medical professionals used to use mental retardation as a diagnosis, it’s now outdated and the correct term is people with intellectual disabilities. Still, many people don’t understand the damaging effects of using the r-word. We polled our Facebook fans to see how they feel when someone uses the r-word, and this is what they said: "Mad. The r-word has no place in society…jokingly or not." "Very sad." "Deeply offended and upset." "I work in education and still hear educated people use the word. It infuriates me." " To see how others feel when they hear the r-word and to see what you can do about it, please visit the link below.

About Anna Oleson-Wheeler: Anna Oleson-Wheeler works in marketing for Special Olympics Northern California

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