November 13, 2013 | Latin America: El Salvador

Meeting of National Directors of Sports of Central America and the Caribbean.

By Johamy Alabi

The meeting of Directors of Sports of Central America and the Caribbean was successfully held from 4 to November 6 in San Salvador. It was the first event of its kind in Central America, the first time Directors of Sports of the region came together to learn how to use new tools in the handling of aspects so important to the organization such as Rules , Unified Sports , planning, coaching certification, and competitive events . This workshop is a continuation of the one in Caracas last year. The meeting had a special significance, as it allowed us to learn more about the strategic plan that will be operating until 2015, and that our organization has been made to understand each of its components and see how each program can use it to development. Participating representatives came from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and El Salvador. The meeting was directed by Domenico Carnevalli.

About Johamy Alabi: Directora Ejecutiva

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