June 19, 2013 | North America: New York

Short and Sweet ( much like myself )

By Loris, aka Lourdes. Ha, ha. Hi Steve Maiman!

Speaking as a 12yr Staff Veteran, I have too many favorite moments to pick one, dear reader. Very hard to choose in such a measly amt. of character restrictions. So I will try to keep this as concise as I can. (those of you who know me well know that such a feat is damn near impossible for "Yours Truly") OK, You guys have undoubtedly had your laughs at my expense by now, but here goes nothing. One of my all-time favorites is listed below. First let me set the scene *** Picture it, Fall Games, Seneca Falls, NY a couple of years ago. My assignment that day was to work at the softball field with my dear friends, the " Valley Girls ", from the Hudson Valley Region.(Kudos to: Linda, Ellen, Teresa & Mercedes) Linda saw players on the team behind really bummed. She went to the player's bench and said "Wakeup the darn bats!" and she knocked over all the bats. What a morale booster! Enthusiastic cheers ensued & darned if they didn't start knocking them out of the park! Love you all!

About Loris, aka Lourdes. Ha, ha. Hi Steve Maiman!: I Rock! Just ask anyone!

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