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Special Olympics Senegal pays tribute to a leader

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Special Olympics Senegal mourns the loss of the Vice Chairman of the Board of Special Olympics Senegal, Mr. Saïd Fakhri. The well-known business man got involved with the organization through the world of sport. Through his firm alliance and involvement with the SFA ( Senegalese Football Association) he helped sponsor and fund the athletes who participated at the 2011 Athens Special Olympics World Summer Games,the 2012 Special Olympics Africa Unity Cup and The Gala Reception for Sports Solidarity. Mr. Saïd was involved when the program introduced the Fustal sporting code; he was a strong proponent for the sport and encouraged the program to continue implementing the sporting code. Mr. Saïd Fakkhri ran his own AS’Cannes Football Club.He sat as as Vice Chairmen at the Olympique Association de Marseille from 2003-2005, and he became the CEO of the Senegalese Football Association. Mr. Saïd Fakhri was ranked by President Macky Sall as a Grand Officer with Merit. Special Olympics Senegal has lost a truly remarkable man. We share their loss.

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I work for Special Olympics Senegal as a National Director