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December 18, 2012 | North America: Minnesota

This isn't just special Olympics.. It's my family

By Carly Mellott

Old team photo..

Hello. My name is Carly Mellott. I am from Princeton, Minnesota I play for the town I grew up and still live in. I started my experience in 2010. I met my coaches along the way and still know them all well. Cassy Gatewood, Roberta Hewitt, Chad Older, Richard Hewitt (who had to transfer to another team), Neil Quast, Gary and Shelly Rudlong and all of my other teammates. I love going to practices and tournaments. If I have a bad day at work or just have a crisis in life, I think about my team and how much they mean to me. I know I have a lot of volunteers working in our area too. I always have a ton of fun with the coaches and my team. I just wanted people to know how much my team means to me. I am an athlete but in all we're all in this together. Go OLYMPIANS!

About Carly Mellott: I love to be a friend, leader and family member to my team. I love Special Olympics and love horses. I work at a place called Options and am interested in nursing.

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