December 27, 2013 | Asia Pacific: Pakistan

What Special Olympics means to me

By Jasmine Sharif

Hi my name is Jasmine Sharif. A few days ago somebody asked me a question on what Special Olympics means to me. I said Special Olympics means a world of joy,a world of happiness, a world of freedom and most of all Special Olympics means a second home for all of us. On the 27th of November I, along with my team Pakistan went for the Asia Pacific games. My sport was swimming I won a gold and 2 slivers. Over there, I met Mrs. Katrin Clark, Mrs.Yee, Ms. Karyan Tan, and Mr.Simon Koh. Theses days I am on the ALPs board of directors and I will work harder so I can go as a delegation to the World Games in 2015

About Jasmine Sharif: I am a board member of Alps

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