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Youth is the Future

Hi, my name is Bettina Lehmann. I have recently been appointed as Youth Advisor for Special Olympics in the Europe Eurasia region. I am happy and excited to be in this position. The youth is the future of today. I think if we want to create communities of involvement and inclusion we have to work with the young people. When we get more schools involved in Project UNIFY and start also other events at school the students can see how much fun each Special Olympics event is. Through showing the youth what you can do and how you can get involved, they hopefully will be motivated to become part of the movement of change. My aim in the position of Youth Advisor is first to get more young people involved in SO. Second I want to show adult people that you have to work together with the youth for making a really big change in the community. I hope that I can show other people how great it is to be a part of Special Olympics and how easy it can be to make a change.

About Me:

My name is Bettina Lehmann, I am 19 years old and live in the south of Germany. I study Media and Communication at the University of Augsburg. I am involved in Special Olympics since 2009. Together with my athlete Dennis I am also in the Youth Advisory Committee of Special Olympics in Europe-Eurasia. We are youth leader team for more than two years now and participated two Global Youth Activation Summits in Athens 2011 and South Korea 2013.